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【INO老师回答】 【意思】 I would have liked to 我本想要…… I would like to have 我想要有…… 【区别】 I would have liked to 是虚拟...

首先,这是一个虚拟语气,would have done 结构,表明对过去的虚拟,like作谓语,to have seen him是动词不定式做宾语,同时这也是过去完成时的结构。整句话表示如果...我之前会高兴以前见过他的。

would like + to do(接动词不定式):想做某事 like + to do :喜欢做某事 would like to have done(would like 后接动词不定式) would have liked to do(would 情态动词后接动词原形)

would like to have sth done 乐意看到有人把某件事情做成(不一定自己做的哦) would have liked to do应该是自己做吧

我到是愿意给他一些好忠告,这些意见也只是当时起作用。 would like to do sth 愿意做。。。 provide sb.with sth 给某人提供... here and now 当前,此刻

I would like to do sth I would like sth 这是点菜最好的用语

I order you like to have sex with me this sentence translation

The job l would like to have Different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers because of different reasons. The job I would like to have is teaching. There are few reasons. As follows: First of all, as the saying g...

情态动词can, could 与would的区别如下: 情态动词can的用法 1. 表示能力,意思是:能,会。如: I can't swim. 我不会游泳。 Can you drive? 你会开车吗? 2. 表示客观可能性,意思是:可以,可能。如: That big cinema can seats 2,000 peop...

A 牛奶是不可数名词,没有复数,排除 C , D glass 是可数名词, two 后跟可数名词,所以用: two glasses of milk 两杯牛奶 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

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