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lt s not ok什么意思

It's OK 很好 双语例句 1. But it's OK: I can say that because there were four of us. 但我就可以大胆的这么说:因为当年我们一共是四个人呢。 2. Some of my one-session "cures" have come from reminding people that life can be difficu...

那不好! ok表示好的,not ok 就是不好


Well, I remember all the nights I used to stay at home (home) On the phone (phone), all night long Used to talk about all the things we really wanna do I believed in you I remember how you used to say Have no fear (no fear), yo...

It's OK 歌手:Maxwell(Video Mix) and 1, and 2 ,ah ah It's OK why don't u leave me when i really need me,myself and I ,baby i don't want u to change my mind ah ah I forget this forget about a night so wonderful so men se Stiring...



It is的缩写。 “它是”的意思

是 fuck you 的歌词吧,qq音乐上也有

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