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你好 她叫MØ 这首歌也是她唱的 希望能够帮到你

4'48 lil wayne 5'27 T-pain

三人组成的乐队,在超市拍了个mv,开头是一个男的(乐队主场)穿着狗熊布偶装,在...Lean on me nowCloser, closerLean on me nowLean on me nowKeep waking up...

kelly clarkson的《because of you》的MV我看过了,kelly clarkson的声音我也...You should have known better than to lean on meYou never thought of ...

Lean On - Major Lazer,DJ Snake,MØ Do you recall, not long ago We would walk on the sidewalk Innocent, remember All we did was care for each other But the night was warm We were bold and young All around the wind blows We w...

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