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during time是什么意思 在这期间 during: 在…的期间;在…的时候。 during the day ... time: n. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2.时候,时刻;期间; ... 例句与用法 1. Rivers which drain areas of red clay soils become highly colored during t...

During the time 在那段时间中 双语例句 1 During the time I was married I tried to be the perfect wife. 在那段婚姻生活中,我努力要做个完美的妻子。 2 The SCT is valid in any successive messages from the client to the serviceduring...

1,LZ,其实以第二题的解释来理解第一题就差不多了. 第一题,因为有逗号,而逗号后面其实是个非限制性定语从句,先行词是weeks,而不是整个句子,如果选D的话,很容易理解为which 这个指代的是前面的整个句子(不知道现在语法是不是这么说.以前学语法的时...

during-this-time 在这段时间期间;在此期间 例句: 1. During this time, a friendship had developed between cathy and hareton. 在这段时间,哈里顿和凯西之间发展了一种友谊。 2. The observers monitored the reproductive lives of 66 adu...

C 这里是说在……那段时间内,当然要有time。 后面的句子不缺成分,所以这里的引导词不能是that / which,因为这两者是要充当成分的。 没有during which这种用法。

They stayed with me for two weeks. They drank all the beer I had.


during-the-time 的意思是 在这段时间里

during school time 在上学期间 双语对照 例句: 1. Most averaged just over nine hours during school time. But a significant proportion got less than eight hours a night. 在上学期间,大多数儿童的平均睡眠时间刚刚超过9个小时,不过还...

during this time 在此期间

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