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don't envy others scenery have the ability to himself a glorious, 不要羡慕别人的风景,有能力给自己一个辉煌。

这句话可以这样表达 : Don't envy what others have, but to pursue what they didn't have. 不要去羡慕别人所拥有的东西,但去追求他们所没有的!

Don't envy others beauty have the ability to own a piece of brilliance 不要羡慕别人的优秀,你也有能力拥有一片辉煌

我不妒忌你有多好,但我妒忌你对别人好 最好根据全文理解


1\strange 2\improve 3\dangerous 4\life 5\Why 6\nothing 7\Maybe 8\failed 9\heart 10\time

因为不定式的逻辑主语可能是for them,所以用their own 即 it is better (for them) to speed up their own pace 。 所以本句中的their 可以改成your 或 our (即不定式的逻辑主语也可以是for you或for us)。但无论如何 因为后面有own 所以翻...

不管别人的嘲弄, 只是默默的坚持, 交易是其他人的嫉妒. trades??? n.交易;贸易(trade的复数);商业,各种营业

i used to envy others until i'm be with you...I don't envy others with you. 热心网友| 发布...And you are together, I have never envied others...

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